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Saskia: tuesday untill sunday
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First time around discount of 5% sms or app 06 284 111 68
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monday - friday from 9.00 AM - 9.00 PM
saturday and sunday from 10 AM - 6.00 PM

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Below all our massage therapist and beuticianist.
They are all self employed and you pay to them for treatment (cash preffered).
Marrielle Kleyn Winkel Jarst de Jong    

Marielle mon-, wed-, thurs- , friday
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Jarst thurs-, fri- & saturday
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Jess Ami SPA Nina Ami SPA    
Jess mon-, wed- and saturday
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Marrielle Kleyn Winkel

Marielle Kleyn Winkel is a massage-practitioner, yogateacher and coach in Amsterdam.

Her mission is to connect you with your potential, in her believe that the body has a great self-healing ability. Movement matters to increase mobility, she likes to give practical tools to maintain a vital body and mind.

Experience a vital body and mind after a massage. Connect again with your own strength en notice that you can deal better with the challenges of live.

+31 (0)6 114 14578

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Jess Ami SPA

Meet JESS, our beautician. Experience total relaxtion combined with skincare. She works with Monchique Cosmetics, a lovely skin improving brand based on natural ingredients. Every facial is customized, to what your skin needs. Products and massage techniques are carefully chosen. Have your brows done, or have your lashes painted for sparkling eyes. Treat yourself and visit JESS beauty & skincare. Just say JESS!

+31 (0)6 4070 3089

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Jarst de Jong

Discover the next level of your life!

Jarst de Jong is father of two and has worked in several companies. After going through training and experiencing special massage techniques, he has become a professional massage therapist.
By using several techniques, such as relaxation, deep tissue massage and structural integration he has got special tools to give you the experiences of the triple A treatment. ( Attention, Awareness and Affection). Eventually you will experience the feeling  of how your body will keep its balance and what that really means.
Structural work can contribute to release you from back problems such as scoliose, thereby  restructuring your body in its original position.

EveryBody in balance and harmony!
Are you curious?
Book now! Experience this feeling and know what has happened to you

+31 (0)6 11 75 22 01

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Nina Ami SPA

Massaging your body helps to take the stress off and brings relaxation and harmony. The oldest and simplest way of manipulation of tissues could lead to a great anxiety ease. Yet not only. Through the treatments from Nina she tries to underline and give advice about the importance of what she considers hit combo - sportive activities, healthy eating and massage. With the techniques she is using, she could soothe your mind, retrieve your vivacity and bring peace back to your body.

+31 (0)6 146 101 07

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Machteld's massage is a combination of different types of massage, but mainly swedish massage in combination with deep tissue. She works with both the wishes of the client and what she feels underneath her hands. This means that every massage is unique.

She hopes to give you a moment to yourself in this demanding world. And that after a massage you feel well again, both mentally and physically.

Machteld works at two different locations: the Haarlemmerweg and Spaarndammerstraat 45.

+31 (0)6 3022 4002

Epione massage


Vera Versteeg Vera is schoonheidsspecialiste en masseur, bij haar komen westerse en oosterse massage- technieken samen zoals acupressuur, deep-tissue, stretches en Thaise voet massage.

De behandeling wordt zo afgestemd om jou in balans te brengen en je ongemakken te verminderen.  Lichamelijk welzijn, puurheid en natuurlijke producten staan centraal.
Masseren, huidverbetering en het lesgeven van massagetechnieken zijn haar passie.

Jou energiek en stralend uit de behandeling zien komen, makes me day.
+31 (0)6 2421 8767

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For Tuina, acupuncture and cupping you can go to our neighbour at number 39.
Ana is the best in this.



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